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10 Holiday Foods to Avoid When Pregnant

This holiday season may seem like expectant mother’s dream, but before you partake of eating for two during this time, make sure the food you’ll be enjoying is safe for your growing belly. If you’ve got a bun (and a turkey) in the oven, go back for seconds (and thirds) after you check out these 10 holiday foods to watch out for and avoid:

  1. Pates (canned pates are considered safe for a developing baby)
  2. Apple Cider (make sure it is the pasteurized variety)
  3. Uncooked Turkey (the bird needs to be cooked until it reaches at least 160°F in the thickest part of the turkey’s thigh, but ideally you want the temp to reach 180°F before consuming)
  4. Unpasteurized Soft Cheese (make sure the cheese on your plate is pasteurized)
  5. Stuffing (If you choose to sample some, place it in a separate baking dish and cook until it reaches a temperature of 165°F)
  6. Unwashed Veggies (wash all produce before you eat it — whether you are pregnant or not)Custard Pie (avoid ’til next year – custards, mousses, and even homemade ice cream can contain raw or uncooked eggs, big no-nos when pregnant)
  7. Brownie Batter (don’t lick the spoon, avoid salmonella contamination)
  8. Custard Pie (avoid ’til next year – custards, mousses, and even homemade ice cream can contain raw or uncooked eggs, big no-nos when pregnant)
  9. Wine (avoid all alcohol)
  10. Cold Turkey Sandwiches (if you do make a turkey sandwich from leftovers, reheat ’til piping hot, to avoid listeria)

For more information about pregnancy, along with other women’s health issues, check out our other Contemporary Women’s Care blog posts for many useful articles. If you have any questions about foods to avoid – or foods that are totally safe – while pregnant, contact us today!

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