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Creative Ways to Tell Your Partner You’re Pregnant

Are you pregnant and looking for a creative way to tell your partner? We sat down at our Winter Park OB GYN office, and came up with a list of creative ideas just for you!

1) Propose

Forget the wedding proposal, try a baby proposal! Find your ring box (or any jewelry box), put a pacifier in it, and get down on one knee to ask the very important question: “Will you have a baby with me?”

2) Plan a dinner

Make reservations at your favorite restaurant and let the staff know in advance. You can even ask the hostess or  server to seat you as a “party of three.”

3) Make it official

Send him a “certified” letter in the mail with a poem you wrote or cute card telling him he’s “officially” going to be a dad

4) If it’s around the holiday, lucky you!

New Year: Buy sparkling cider and cheers to alcohol free celebration. Tell him it’s not your’re pregnant!

Valentines: Get a box of chocolates and personalize the inside of the lid “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get...boy or girl, you’re gonna be a dad!”

Easter: Prepare an Easter egg hunt and let him find the one you stuff telling him he’s going to be a dad!

July 4th: Buy fireworks and write a note to him saying these are to celebrate our country’s independence and ours in 18 years! Congratulations dad!

Thanksgiving: If you’re cooking, tell him you didn’t buy any bread because you already have a bun in the oven

Hanukkah/Christmas: Wrap 4 gift boxes that contain the letters B-A-B-Y in them and have him open them inpidually until he realizes that it spells “Baby”

5) Personalize!

If he loves coffee, pour him a cup and when he finishes, the bottom of the empty mug will read “Hope you enjoyed your coffee daddy!” Apply the same concept to a beer label, plate of food, etc...)

6) Or...just keep it simple!

Give him a big hug and kiss and tell him you’re pregnant.

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