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At Contemporary Women’s Care, a Winter Park OB/GYN office, we seek to provide the highest level of care through our highly skilled health care professionals and state of the art technologies. We are devoted to addressing the inpidual needs of women in a warm and caring environment. Here’s what our patients are saying about Contemporary Women’s Care:


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I had a great experience at Contemporary Women's Care in Winter Park, from the staff to the doctor. Their office makes you feel very relaxed its beautiful and very welcoming. Dr. Warren made me feel very comfortable, and answered all my questions I had. I am so happy I came to their office now my daughter will be coming to them too.

Elizabeth Sanchez

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Dr Snook has been nothing short of tremendous; I recently transferred into her care following a horrible experience at another local practice, that treated me like a number. The care I have received from Dr Snook has been a night and day difference. She is warm, caring, and truly a skilled physician. I look forward to having her as my OB in the future and would recommend her without hesitation.

Sarah Beth

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I couldn’t be happier as a patient at this practice. I’ve been coming here for years and have gone through everything from regular annual visits to finding options in my struggle to conceive to delivering my second daughter 8 weeks ago. All three of these talented and personable doctors are fantastic and I would have been comfortable having any one of them delivering my babies. I continue to recommend this practice to all my lady friends.

Taylor Perez

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We are extremely happy with the service at Contemporary Women's Clinic. I am 39 weeks pregnant and each visit has been a great experience. They have a very warm atmosphere and everyone is friendly. Thank you to Dr. Warren and her excellent team.

Claudie Lintvelt

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I started with this office almost 5 years ago. I was pregnant with my first and had moved from Tampa and I needed a new OB- which by the way is a difficult process as no one wants to take on a new pregnant patient in the third trimester without obtaining all your records, blood sample, finger prints, retina scan- ok slight exaggeration. This office made it easy. All three doctors are excellent and kind, take time to answer questions. I went into labor around on a Friday early and after 19 hours ended up with a C section (for failure to progress). Dr warren spent her late Friday evening with me and I am thankful. I could hear her assist (a doctor who did Not work for CWC) saying "you'll never get him out that hole, never." I hope he made a bet I couldn't hear cause Dr Warren deserved the win. All these people complaining about rude staff, about complex messaging and phone systems (which I admit in general are ANNOYING)- I ask you what you are planning to do this Friday evening? Giving a review of one or two stars despite receiving excellent care from the doctor? I for sure would get zero stars for wrecking your Friday night. These reviews are the lifeblood of doctor offices and keeping patients away from intelligent, caring and capable providers because of spite and possibly not wanting to take time out of your busy day to call during designated office hours. Dr Warren and all the doctors are exceptional.

Kristine H.

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Love all the physicians. Patient portal is quick with communicating and answering questions. Would recommend the group to anyone!

Maria Penland

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Very friendly staff and consistent for being on time with appointments. Dr. Snook is always so personable and makes you feel comfortable! Highly recommend!

Brianna Barolet 

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Being new to Orlando, I was recommended this place and I had a great experience. My provider was Dr. Snook and she is awesome! She made me feel comfortable and at ease with my pregnancy. It also helps that she is always positive and has a great attitude! I would recommend her!

Dee Ana

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Every one is so personable and so friendly! They are so very trustworthy you couldn’t ask for a better office

Jackie Hernandez

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I have been going here for at least 3 years now, they are very quick at getting women in and out, have an amazing all women staff, and help make everyone feel comfortable.

Maria Barone

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I had three kids in three years so I have had MANY visits to this office. I have seen all the physicians many times and had each of them at my deliveries at some point. I really value the excellent physicians here, kind staff, and a well-run office. I'm honestly surprised that things in the office seem to work pretty seamlessly considering the inherent unpredictability of deliveries and emergencies. So thankful for this practice!

Kristin W.

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I go to the Lake Nona office. Dr Snook is a lovely and wonderful doctor. Who would have thought an annual exam could be enjoyable! Her staff is great too, had an issue with my pharmacy and they were helpful in changing my prescription.

Krista S.

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The doctors at CWC are phenomenal. I always feel comfortable going into the office. They helped me with both of my babies and when my second had some complications after birth they were there to help support me and make sure everything went smoothly. I continue my woman care here and wouldn't go anywhere else. If you are looking for a new OBGYN look no further...Dr. Snook and Dr. Warren are all great. You can't go wrong with either of them.

Amy Cheek


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