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IUD Specialist

Contemporary Women's Care

OB/GYNs located in Winter Park, FL & Lake Nona, FL

If you’re looking for a long-lasting, effective, and reversible birth control, consider an intrauterine device (IUD). The team of expert gynecologists at Contemporary Women’s Care, prescribe and implant IUDs for women from in and around Winter Park and Lake Nona, Florida. An IUD is more than 99% effective, and after it’s in place, you don’t need to think about it again for years. Call Contemporary Women’s Care or make an appointment online to learn more about whether an IUD is right for you.


What is an IUD?

An IUD is a small T-shaped device that your gynecologist inserts into your uterus to prevent pregnancy. IUDs are available in hormonal and nonhormonal varieties and protect against pregnancy for up to 10 years. Once your IUD is in place, you don’t need to think about it until you’re ready to remove it and try to get pregnant or replace the device for continued pregnancy prevention.

How does an IUD prevent pregnancy?

IUDs prevent pregnancy by interfering with the way sperm move in your uterus and stopping them from finding and joining with your egg. Mirena®, Skyla®, Liletta®, and Kyleena® IUDs slowly release hormones to thicken your cervical mucus and prevent ovulation. Paragard® is the only non-hormonal IUD brand. It’s wrapped in copper, which is toxic to sperm and prevents sperm from penetrating an egg.

What should I expect during IUD insertion?

During your IUD insertion, you lie on a treatment bed with your feet in stirrups. Your gynecologist dilates your cervix with medication or a series of rods which increase in diameter.

An IUD comes in a sterile plunger device, with the arms of the T folded down for easy insertion. When your cervix is opened, your gynecologist inserts the plunger and gently pushes your IUD into place. The arms of the IUD open into the T-shape when it’s in the correct position in your uterus.

You may have some mild cramping during the insertion and for a few hours after your appointment, but an over-the-counter anti-inflammatory should relieve any discomfort. You may experience some light spotting after your IUD insertion appointment.

What are the benefits of an IUD?

IUDs are over 99% effective, and there is no room for human error. For example, you don’t need to remember to take a pill, and there’s no risk of an IUD breaking or slipping off like a condom. IUDs are also convenient, because you don’t need to make monthly trips to the pharmacy, and you don’t need to put it in before having sex.

Additionally, IUDs are reversible. When you decide that you want to have a baby, you make an appointment with your gynecologist, and she removes your IUD and immediately restores your ability to get pregnant.

Call Contemporary Women’s Care or make an appointment online today to find out if an IUD is right for you.