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Why Contemporary Women’s Care is the Best OBGYN For You.

When deciding who is the best OB/GYN near you, there are a number of things to consider. Of course, you want an OB/GYN doctor who is convenient to where you live or work. But besides that, there are a number of compelling reasons to choose Contemporary Women’s Care as your trusted source for quality OBGYN services.

Contemporary Women’s Care is an All-Female Practice

Our all-female OB/GYN practice is dedicated to the total health care needs of a woman’s life. All of our OB/GYN doctors’ and staff members are women, offering care from the perspective that only a woman can offer.

Because our doctors are mothers, they have a unique understanding of the OB/GYN patient relationship.

In fact, studies have proven that female doctors tend to listen more and their patients tend to fare better, suggesting that women of all ages feel more comfortable talking to female OB/GYN physicians and discussing any and all of their feminine issues because they believe another woman better understands their needs. As such, we are women Obstetrician and Gynecological doctors and assistants who simply love what we do for other women!

Contemporary Women’s Care is an Independent Practice

Here’s the reality. Practicing medicine independently in the U.S. has become prohibitively expensive, causing many independent physicians to sell their practice to a hospital. However, the truth is, hospital-employed physicians, while dedicated professionals, serve a corporate enterprise. That’s not how Contemporary Women’s Care works.

As a member of the Association of Independent Doctors and the Independent Physicians Network, Dr. Snook and Contemporary Women’s Care is one of the few truly independent OB/GYN practices left in the greater Orlando area. This means you’re not just a number and you get more personalized care at a more affordable price.

Perhaps even more importantly, we have the ability to practice with a high degree of autonomy, giving us the freedom to follow our own clinical judgments and refer and advise patients without having to answer to others.

Because of our practice independence, you, the patient, are our employer and we work for you.

As an independent practice, our overhead is lower, compared to large multi-physician practices that employ a larger staff, a savings we are able to pass on to our patients. Just as importantly, our patients know up front, all the costs of our services. So when it comes to value for services rendered, we come out on top.

All of our physicians could have chosen the big hospital career path and made more money, but they didn’t become doctors for the money, they did it for their passion to care, to heal, and to give every woman they serve the healthiest and most fulfilling life possible.

Supporting independent practices like Contemporary Women’s Care gives all patients the opportunity to enjoy a higher level of personalized care, a chance to pay less for their healthcare, and advice and referral that remains unbiased by hospital administrators.

Contemporary Women’s Care is a Convenient Practice

One of the biggest factors in selecting your OB/GYN specialist is convenience. The physicians at Contemporary Women’s Care have partnered with the finest hospitals in the greater Orlando area, offering an exceptional birth experience, complete with the highest levels of medical excellence, and catering to all of your baby’s needs and meeting all of your expectations.

Regardless of where you are in the Greater Orlando area, our board-certified physicians are ready to care for you, since we are affiliated with Florida Hospital and Orlando Health hospital networks, The Dr. P. Phillips Baby Place at Winter Park and Winnie Palmer Hospital at Orlando Health.

Contemporary Women’s Care is an Insurance-friendly Practice

With so many other things to be concerned about for your OB/GYN care, insurance coverage shouldn’t be one of them. That’s why we accept most major insurance coverages, and we see patients both in and out of network. In addition, we understand the challenges of today’s economy and are striving to maintain our community’s focus on personal health. Therefore, we render services at a discounted rate for inpiduals without insurance.

Sure, you have choices. But when you add up all of the positive reasons to choose Contemporary Women’s Care, the answer is obvious.

Click here to link to our insurance page. If you don’t see your insurance provider on our list, don’t worry, our list is vast. Call our office or send us an inquiry and let us know who your insurance provider is and we’ll contact them for you. For women who can’t afford insurance or cannot pay direct, at Contemporary Women’s Care, we accept Medicaid too.

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